Auralithe, French Alternative Art School

Welcome to Auralithe workshop­gallery,
a french Alternative Art School.


Auralithe is a workshop with drawing, modelling, sculpture, and life drawing classes, but also an alternative art school.


  • Auralithe
  • Oeuvre Éric Chatalin
    Oeuvre Éric Chatalin
    Homme recroquevillé - Sculpture Bronze 50x10x10 cm
  • Modelage
  • Modelage avec modèle
    Modelage avec modèle
    Un cours de modelage à l'atelier


Situated in the south of France, in the heart of the historical center of the town Montpellier, the Auralithe workshop comes to life in its original and inspiring suroundings. Bordering the mediterranean sea, the setting is ideal for an art school, thanks to its rich history. The learning process through observation is one of the foundations of art itself.


Auralithe offers :

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